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About us

About our Journey

FutureIsland Vocational Center of Cyprus aims to prepare students for the working world by providing them a fully equipped and prepared work environment.

The vocational school's degree programs have all been designed with the goal of training and raising qualified and skilled labor to meet the demand. It is obvious to the vocational school that industry support is essential to designing strategies so that relevant education methods can be based on realistic data and used as effectively as possible.

The FutureIsland Vocational Center will offer students the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industrial and service sectors, and the sector representatives will be able to select candidates according to their needs and future expectations. The duration of the Vocational School programs is 1.5 years.1 year consists of theoretical courses and 6 months internship.

Our Vision

The Future Island Vocational Center of Cyprus is dedicated to inspiring optimism for the future and providing the knowledge and skills necessary to acquire the attributes required for successful global employment and productive and prosperous life.

Our Mission

Cyprus Future Island Vocational Center offers a variety of career development programs that build students' confidence and lay the foundation for a lifetime of success. We leverage our connections with businesses, faculty, and staff to provide meaningful experiences, mentoring relationships, and collaborations that help students succeed in their careers and society.

Our Partners

We work with a variety of stakeholders to leverage their expertise and ensure that development activities are well coordinated.

These collaborations help us meet our goals and achieve our intended outcomes while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of development assistance.


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Our campus is a living laboratory for transformation.

Our campus is a transformational space for students that gives room for creation of ideas, opportunities, ways of knowing and ways of being.

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